Company formation

Dutch company formation support

Our office has extensive experience with assisting foreign companies in starting a business in the Netherlands or expand their business into the Netherlands. We also assist our clients in structuring via the Netherlands for instance by using a Dutch holding or finance company (we refer to our legal forms and branch vs. subsidiary sections for more on this), which may provide for tax and/or legal benefits.

We are well versed to guide through the legal matters and provide advice from a business and tax/legal perspective for your business whether that be a branch or a subsidiary (and to assist with acquiring the necessary residence permits in case you would like to send someone from outside the EU to run your business).

Our services regarding business setup include the following:

  • Advisory on the most effective and efficient structure, including determining a suitable legal form to do business with (branch or subsidiary);
  • Writing a business plan (if required for external parties like a bank or the Dutch immigration services in case for instance residence permits are required);
  • Assistance with starting a one-man business or partnership;
  • Assistance with incorporating a Dutch limited company (BV);
  • Assistance with acquiring an existing business, including negotiations;
  • Assistance with establishing domiciliation (which may include a virtual office);
  • Assistance with acquiring a Duth director;
  • Assistance with opening a Dutch bank account;
  • Registering the business with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce;
  • Signing up the business with the Dutch immigration services as sponsor of highly skilled migrants;
  • Taking care of all tax and accounting matters of the business.

In case you are interested in how the Netherlands can help your business, please contact us to discuss your situation.