Below are some indicative fees for 2016 (excl VAT).

Feel free to compare our fees with that of the competition. Being former employees of the big international firms ourselves, we provide at least the same level of expertise and service than those  firms would offer yet at much lower fees. Our fees are negotiable in case you for instance make use of more than one service or for more years.

Individual tax return services

  • Dutch income tax return: € 161
  • Dutch income tax return for partner/ spouse: € 78
  • Request provisional tax refund: € 78 (€ 161 in case we do not prepare your tax returns)
  • Application for extension of filing: € 15
  • Prior year/amended tax returns : fixed fee based on complexity, please ask for quote.

We provides a 5% discount on our first year total bill for tax return preparation for every year extra that we agree on the same moment to prepare and/or for every referred person that actually becomes a client of Tax Advice BV.

Above fees are standard fees and do not include follow-up communications with taxing authorities or advisory in specific cases, which will be charged at our hourly fee rate for compliance services of € 175.

Other individual services

  • 30% tax ruling application: € 375
  • Certificate of coverage (“E101”) application for social security purposes: €375
  • Request allowance for medical care (zorgtoeslag), rent (huurtoeslag) and child (kindertoeslag) € 110
  • Request DigID: € 65

Business tax services

  • Dutch income tax return for self employed individuals: as from € 425 (ask for a quote)
  • Dutch corporate income tax return: as from € 425 (ask for a quote)
  • Advisory on Dutch corporate income tax, VAT, dividend tax, wage tax: at our standard hourly fee rate of € 175
  • US Form 5471 (Information return of U.S. persons with respect to certain foreign corporations): as from € 675
  • US Form 8865 (Return of U.S. persons with respect to certain foreign partnerships): as from € 675
  • US Form 1065 (U.S. return of partnership income): as from € 450

Other business services

  • Accounting + year end accounts: as from € 650 (ask for a quote)
  • Reports for Chamber of Commerce (publication) purposes: € 250
  • Formation BV (Dutch limited company) for trade/holding purposes: € 995 which includes:
    • costs of the civil law notary
    • registration company with the Dutch tax authorities and the Chamber of Commerce
  • business advice: at our standard hourly fee rate of € 125