Tax return preparation

Tax return filing in the Netherlands


You may have been requested by the Dutch tax authorities to file a tax return, or you may be entitled for a tax refund, for instance if:

  1. You paid mortgage interest, your unemployed spouse was entitled to general levy interest or had other tax deductible items
  2. You did not work whole year, you accepted another or an extra job
  3. Your family came to the Netherlands as well
  4. You were entitled to the benefits of the 30% ruling


  1. Completion questionnaire.
    This can be done for 2018 or any of the previous years until 2011. Upon completion, we will provide you with a copy and an acknowledgement form to be signed and our invoice.
  2. Payment of our fees and approval of the tax return prepared by us.
  3. We will send you the final tax return by e-mail.

The Dutch tax authorities will send the assessment to you directly, whereas we will request for an electronic copy. Assessment may include levy interest.

Start the procedure:

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